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Founded in 1933, ASKO is a family owned and operated business. We produce a wide range of specialty wear-resistant tooling for the metal recycling, metal producing and metal processing industries. ASKO combines expert understanding of special tool materials, technology and tooling application requirements to create innovative solutions for all tooling needs.

With in-stock knives, piercing tips, bolts and shims for over 200 different models, chances are ASKO has your knife ready to ship today. Blades for most models are shipped from our manufacturing plant in South Carolina on the day you order. We produce knives for:

Alligator Shears
Baler Shears
Demolition Shears Hydraulic Shears
Mechanical Shears
Mobile Shears
Stationary Shears
Made-to-Order Unusual Knives

We also work to create programs such as the ASKO Knife Management Program. Your knife; in stock when you need it; with one-call ordering for replacements.

How you can use our expertise to perform better
Experience counts when it comes to knowing how metallurgy affects the performance of the knives you rely on. We’ve dedicated ourselves to designing and manufacturing outstanding knives, and to supporting those knives with knowledgeable people who can answer questions quickly.

What’s so special about ASKOs materials and design?

ASKO strictly controls the chemistry of our steel grades, has them melted in heat lot quantities, and manufactures it’s blades from scratch. We produce scrap shear blades and perform heat treatment in our own manufacturing plant in the USA.

ASKO is certified to ISO 9001-2015 and scrupulously maintains quality control over the heat treatment of blades and the machining and grinding processes, ensuring each blade is the correct hardness and the correct dimension, every time. We’re so committed to a superior product; we created a special guarantee to cover it. Your knife:

will fit perfectly
will not break
will be built to meet or exceed OEM standards
will be the best knife you've ever purchased...
...or we will make it right!

ASKO is also an active member of several major trade associations including NDA, ISRI, NADC and CARI.

What does all this mean to you? It means when you Ask ASKO you’ll get superior materials, technological expertise, and a guarantee as strong as our steel. Your business will benefit from ASKO’s no-nonsense approach and dedication to quality.

Can ASKO provide a quotation on your next replacement knife purchase?