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RM offers a range of top quality & high performance mobile crushing and screening solutions for recycling, demolition, quarrying, mining and contracting applications.

RM’s all Diesel-Electric, top quality & high performance mobile impact crushers offer the highest levels of production and efficiency in all aspects.

RM’s all mobile equipment meets the highest specifications for mobility & versatility, on-site & on-road, by far. Maneuverability, Transportability, Easy & Safe to operate – that’s our main concerns!

RM offers crushers in the range of 26,500 lbs. to 70,000 lbs. – usually no oversize permits required – hourly production rates ranging from 88 TOP to almost 300 TPH – fuel consumption from 2 GPH to 6 GPH.

Our successful customers are construction, crushing & demolition contractors, trucking & hauling companies, concrete & asphalt producers, industrial building material producers, paving contractors, quarries, gravel pits, landfills, transfer stations – and many more. Our business is crushing, recycling & screening – our goal is to help our customer’s make more profits!

RM has been working on our customers’ success in North America – and dedicated to customer’s Lifetime Support - for years! We offer excellent product support, parts, service and back-up in North America thru our hub in Memphis, Tennessee.

RM is looking forward to becoming a part of your future success shortly!