Am Cast, Inc., known for its performance wear parts in the crushing and mining industries, is delivering innovation and performance to the industry yet again with its ROCKY TRANSFORMER sand crushing system. With an acceptable feed size up to 1-3/4”, the Rocky can turn quarry waste or cone crusher by product into 85-95% useable sand in a single pass. As an added bonus; the ROCKY TRANSFORMER can be used to produce Aglime as well.

Am Cast, Inc. manufactures a full line of wear resistant castings engineered to significantly increase service life when the need to keep downtime to a minimum is at a premium in the crushing & recycling, quarrying, and mining industries. Contact us today to find out more about our line of patented MNX manganese alloys, (WRI) Wear Resistant Insert technology for hammers/ blowbars & VSI parts, and our ROCKY TRANSFORMER sand crusher.